Tesla und die Deutschen

Drüben im BMWBLOG (der nicht mit der Marke verbandelt ist) stellt man sich die interessante Frage, ob Tesla der deutschen Autoindustrie wirklich so weit voraus ist, wie es im Moment erscheint. Denn:

„If that’s the case, Tesla is the undisputed king of the EV and is leaving the Germans in its wake, as each German car set to compete with Tesla isn’t even out yet. So it would seem that the Germans are just chasing Tesla’s coattails.“

Aber der bemerkenswerte Einwand folgt:

The Tesla Model S and Model X are very impressive, but only on paper. In reality, both vehicles are massive and heavy, built on old-school style platforms with only massive battery packs stuffed in them to give them their range. There’s not nearly as much clever engineering going on as there is in the German’s and there’s nothing to say that they are our future. They use current charging technology, dated battery tech (in comparison to the Germans) and they’re too heavy to be efficient. Saying they are ultra efficient because they have a massive battery is like taking a Ram 2500 diesel, turning its bed into a massive fuel tank and claiming its ultra efficient because it can drive a million miles. That’s essentially what Tesla does with its cars, by stuffing them with massive battery packs, making them big and heavy, and calling them the future.

Ein lesenswerter Blickpunkt.

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